Become a freelance writer: Make money online writing.

Become a freelance writer: Make money online   writing.
Become a freelance writer: Make money online

Become a freelance writer: Make money online

Yes! You can make good money writing online. Many blogs,
magazines, businesses, organizations and individuals online are
searching for writers to write for them, and most are willing to fork
out good money to get what they want.

According to forbes,
freelancing is a trillion dollar industry and freelance writing is
You can earn good money writing blog posts, articles, poems, copy
letters, reports, ebooks and so on for clients online. Many freelance
writers out there are earning as much as $500 per article and $20,000
a month. cool cash right?

And guess what? you really don't need to be an expert in writing or
have a degree in English to succeed as a freelance writer, you just
require specific skill set centered around strong working habits and
good communication skills - In other words, you just need to have
good writing ability, which includes knowledge in grammar,
punctuation and writing style - and be disciplined.

The rest of the skills
you need to succeed as a freelance writer you can learn on the go.

So if you've always fancied yourself as a writer or you're simply looking
for a way to earn money online and you possess the requisite skills,
then you too can be on your way to earning good money online.

Unfortunately not everyone has the basic writing ability or mentality
to succeed as a freelance writer.

Remember, being a freelance writer goes beyond writing blog posts,
articles for magazines and publications or brands, it entails running an
entire business which includes planning and implementing a
marketing strategy.

But I will keep it pretty simple for you at this stage.
Before you Begin Your Journey As a Freelance Writer
First I will walk you through some fundamental steps you must take
before you dive into the ocean.

STEP 1: Configure Your Mindset
You must develop confidence in your abilities. Fear, doubt and
hesitation will quickly kill your freelance writing career.

You must banish thoughts like; my writing is simply not good enough,
I'm a shitty writer, nobody will like my writing, why am i fooling
myself? to the darkest part of your brain.
Believe me, you will hear them in your head at some point but you
must overcome them.

 you must try not to be too critical of your
writing. The best way to know if your writing is good enough is to put
it out there and even at that you must be ready to absorb criticism and
learn from them.

STEP 2: Create time to actually write
You want to be a freelance writer, right? So write. It's as simple as
that, you must find time to actually write. The best way to become a
better writer is to constantly hone your skills.
Writing will build your confidence and develop your writing skills.

yourself a week or two before even doing anything and just write.

Pick two, three topics or fields you know something about and just
write, write at least one piece in each field. Try to write them as well
as you can as they can serve as samples in the future.

Most of the best freelance writers out there are the ones that make it
a habit to read and write daily.

STEP 3: Get Some Writing Tools
As a freelance writer you have to be organised. These days a simple
app or set of apps can help you stay very organised and efficient.

There're apps out there that can make the writing and creative
process a whole lot smoother.

Get conversant with writing tools like grammarly, coggle, evernote,
calmly writer and productivity apps like; dragon dictation, todoist,
selfcontrol etc.

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