Freelancer Economy

Freelancer Economy

Freelancer Economy with Pandemic Progression

The exponentially increased number of sign ups in freelancing websites during the last
month have made headlines .The sudden increase in the self- employed working field
indicates the flourishing growth of freelance economy.

As the world is experiencing a great economic depression people are seeking out for more
than one job. Experienced freelancers are saying that they feel more secure and stable
during these unpredictable times.

" shift to remote " is being seen as the long term
trend.Ben Hoffman,CEO of Contra said that,"There is a fundamental shift to project based
employment, tricky at first but long term will lead to renaissance in how we work and
enable all of us to achieve better work life. COVID-19 is an accelerant to a trend that's been
long overdue."

Recruitment farms will be more dependable on remote workers in the near future. With the
compulsion of staying at home online market-places have been more reliable for people
than being employed in institutions with shaky financial backgrounds.

But these also is
creating backlashes for start-ups as getting VCs will be difficult in this global economic
depression and start-ups hire great number of freelancers for website making, marketing,
content creating. But on the contrary established companies have started relying more on
remote workers and freelancers. Many countries across the globe are expecting majority of
work population will be involved in freelancing.

 The PwC's 2020 CEO

survey report says that 62% of US CEOs expect global growth to decline over the next 12
months and 82% of CEOs belive operational efficiencies will help drive growth.

This rising
tide of uncertainty has also hit the freelancing market. The stock rates are declining but
economists think freelancers employing companies will recover soon as the market place
for them grows on its own.

As seen before the freelancing jobs and workers had also increased after 2009 economic
depression the rate of increase will also see a growth in post pandemic world.

 This field is
reliable in economically unstable situation and people are inclining more towards remote
work field.

Though the market is unstable and the revenues will be difficult in future people
are relying more on working from home and freelancing.

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