Halloween Fortune Review

Halloween Fortune Review
Halloween Fortune Review

Halloween Fortune Review 

For those who would like to have an occult touch on the online slot game then Halloween Fortune is the best game for you.

Three beautiful witches are waiting for you to cast their magic and spell good fortune. In this exciting game, you will find crows, potions, broomsticks and black cats. Heady witches’ brews are also present in the game and can quickly change your fortune.

Are you ready for the game? You are just one step away from making your fortunes a reality, go to your browser and join any online casino you will find Halloween Fortune there and have fun.

How to play Halloween Fortune

Start by selecting the number of play lines for every bet from 1-20. Alternatively, you can click the numbers present after the reels or choose to click add or subtract options below the lines.

Select the amount of money you would like to play with per line through clicking add or subtract symbols under the line bet.

The total bet will display the amount you are playing for each spin. If you select Max Bet, will increase your bet to the maximum and will automatically set the reels on the motion.

The Autoplay option will have the system play for you, and you will only choose the spins you want to play, and the system will play automatically. Stop the feature by clicking the stop button.

Who can play Halloween Fortune?

Anybody can play this fantastic game, so long as you meet the required age as per the law of your country.

You only need to have a computer or smartphone, get to your browser search for online casino register and look for Halloween Fortune and you are good to go.

The game features beautiful graphics with young witches with their broomsticks to offer you immersive gameplay.

The lucrative Gamble feature enables you to increase the payout hence making more profits.

Wild and scatters in this beautiful game will award you with free spins depending on how many times you spin the reel.

What about Bonuses?

You can win various free spins in this game, but you will have to choose one witch to help win the bonuses.

Scatters and wilds will only help you increase your payouts.

The great Gamble feature in the Halloween Fortune will provide you with extra opportunities to scoop cash prizes upon turning of a card.

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