How To Grow Your Instagram Audience And Earn Money With It

How To Grow Your Instagram Audience And Earn Money With It
How To Grow Your Instagram Audience And Earn Money With It Money With It

Instagram has become one of the most used social media platforms on the planet. There is a total of 1 billion monthly users on Instagram which became the best marketing, branding, selling tool for everyone.

So, how can you make money on Instagram? Well, the process is simple but it takes a lot of patience and energy to do so. The process might be hard sometimes, but it will pay off in the end so stay tuned.

In this article, you will learn how to get more followers on Instagram and make money just from sitting on your couch and eating ice cream. Let’s get to the first part of this article… Getting MORE followers.

Here are a few tips on how you can grow your Instagram audience:

Post Frequently

The basic thing you need to understand is that the more content you upload there the more awareness you get. Just think about it, who will have more followers, Bob who uploads twice a month or Jake who uploads content once in two days…?
Of course it will be Jake, it will always be Jake. If you have found a niche you should upload more every week because there are probably other people who like your niche as much as you do and want to see more of it.

Use Hashtags

When you click on the search icon on the bottom in Instagram you will see a lot of content that you like from accounts you don’t follow. Those are the posts that are similar to your liking and got to you because the owner of the post used some hashtags to target you.
Whatever you see on the post you uploaded mention it with a hashtag and please for this reason make your account public.

Same or Similar Photo Light

This is crucial to your Instagram success! Instagram alogrithms work on posts light. If all of your posts have the same lightness they will have more awareness. For this reason, you can use Lightroom or Photoshop to add an effect to your photos.

Comment On Other Popular Accounts From Your Niche

If you just started a meme page or a diet page make sure to comment on popular Instagram pages. Don’t self promote! Please this is soo annoying… A smart thing to do is to either comment something funny or something regarding the post.
If your comment is good and smart people will check out your page.

Collab With Other Instagram Pages

You can also exchange followers with another Instagram page, just make sure both of you are in the same niche. If you are in a diet niche, you and others can promote each other, people don’t mind following other accounts from their favorite niche.

Now the fun part… The making money part!

There are a lot of ways you can make money on Instagram. And, it doesn’t have to be these examples I’m going to use, you can be creative and find your own way of making money on Instagram.
But of course, I’m going to make it easy for you and just tell you what you can do.
You Can Start Affiliate Marketing
Register on Amazon Affiliate Program and earn money by promoting products from Amazon to your Instagram page. From every order, you will get a percentage/commission from the price of the product.
You can promote the product either like a post or in your Instagram story.

You Can Make Brand Deals

A lot of Instagram pages promote brands like Adidas. Regarding your follower count and how much money does the brand have, you can be paid from just a $30 up to $10,000 or more!
How can you find brand deals? Just go to Facebook and search “Brand promotion” and you will find someone who wants to promote their product. Or, you could just email and message them and wait for a response.

Start Your Own Brand

Feeling creative? Well go to Printify or Printful and create your own product designs. You can design a t-shirt, a bag, a mug… There are a lot of products you can choose from. The order and the shipping go through the site so you don’t have to worry about that.

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