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The app that pay 300$ for Free

In this quick video I want to share with you a brand new apps this gonna pay you $300 for free with just using a smartphone now you can download this on your Google play store we can download these all your apps store so here's the potential earning okay as you can see here $100 and another $222 so it's about $300 by using this application so the reason why this is so good .

now you don't need any experience of doing any skill to duties and again this is very simple very easy show everything in this video and you only need a Ford right spot for an internet connection to duties and again this is absolutely free okay you don't have to pay for any money at all to duties and again this is available worldwide it doesn't matter where you're coming from you can you make money using this opportunity .

so real quick I understood this website what she which is Kali now I'll show you how to sign up for a free account on clay based and I want you to keep watching because I'll show you another application that you have to download in order to make money online this is clay based you can buy and sell crypto currency on this website so what you going to reset the what you click on the get started button on the top right hand corner and then you're gonna come on to these pages gets easier you can create your account you just have to put in your first name your last name your email and your password and you have to be above 18 yes to get an account on here I just click on the c
account button it's a very simple sign up process and again you can download this application the Davis Kali based wallet right this is the local office application you can download them on your Google play store.

 all you could just download them on the app store if you're using an iPhone and get common W. and let me know what type of devices are you using to use an iPhone or do Jews and android phone right sure so once it's kind of a collie base the call I want you to go on to this application okay good these up there which is microbrew.A. P. P. okay Michael. What thought A. P. P. once a comment 3 steps as you can see how you can make money with your smartphone and then you can earn ether by completing the pass on your smartphone and the reason.

 why I want to show you how to scientifically based is because all of this application they pay you the money in ether which is a crypto currency I didn't read the reason why I don't know how to sign up for your call on clay basis because once you make money on the sweater Michael brook application once you earn that ether cryptocurrency you can use the Cali basic how to convert the ether currency into your local currency no it doesn't matter where you're coming from becoming from you as you know indefinitely PSI juror wants to make money on this application .

you read the ether currency you can change them into the body that you want so good on this application you can download this on your Google play store or the on the on the app store now on the Google play store it looks something like this this is the local office application microbrew can you can tell this for absolutely free well you're using iPhone you could just tell these all your apps store it's the same day Michael worked in E. T. Hayes as you can ET hitch now when you got the clay bases conceded this is that if the real currency.

 I don't want to burn the Ethereum currency you can change that into your local currency so real quick these are a few steps that you have to follow in order to make money on this application the step number one you have to download and sign up for this application on your android phone or on your iPhone the step number 2 you have to first complete a task now you can delete your profile service to compete a full toss and show you how to make money on this application in a moment make sure to keep watching and instead of a tree you have to add your ether address in order for them to send to you earning.

 that's what I want you to sign on clay based because they're going to send you to if the we have currency into a Coinbase account and then you can exchange that you go to your local currency as the before you can withdraw all your first thought that the reason why I like these applications so much is because once you earn $1 one U. S. dollar. You can be get cash out your money.

 because the receiving of money you can withdraw your earnings so as you can see how you get paid in ether ether currency and can we draw the moment you reach one dollar earning it's a very very low minimum cash out for this application so right now on this application there are basically two things right to pass that you have to do in order to make money now the first one is to take photos now you can take photos of everyday items to help the tree in the artificial intelligence to see so for this type very simple all you need is a smartphone that you can choose to pick up pictures and then you can just upload the photos on this application and you can make money over and over again so the second way to make money is by taking photos off fashion meaning you can take photos off your outfit right off your clothing Sophia backs off your shoes and so on and you can make money online so this is the first step down a diffuse that don't focus on the second pass right here all I want you to do is to focus on the first pass we can just simply pick photos off everyday items that for example your coffee but for example a tree for example a car a clothing thirty just everything whatever you do .

When you look at you can earn money for example one dollars two dollars fifty cents it depends on your pictures you get a different amount of money so right now to give you another bonus the once you sign up into your Coinbase account so Russia will log against your earned critical advice you get one hundred and fifty eight dollars the run I want to click on this button right here so as you can see here you can earn crypto while you're learning about crypto currency no way is school don't look and see that different free cost for him this one by okay the trump has those it's going to be some die this one E. O. S. so these are all different crypto currency they could just view the videos and you can start the course meaning they want you to watch the videos and learn something about cryptocurrency for free and on top of that the gonna pay you money as you can see here you get read six dollars off that has us as it is this one fifty dollars E. O. as cryptocurrency doesn't like your earned fifty dollars X. L. M.