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Earn 600$ Daily watching YouTube Video's Free

So in just a moment, I'm going to show you
how we can watch simple videos,

just say this on YouTube,
How to make pancakes is against you.

Order videos.

And this one over twenty one million views
ratio is a simple two minute videos.

And you can earn money just like this,
as you can see here.

Ninety eight dollars,

five dollars even up to six hundred
dollars and can against you on a payment

proof that you could be
receiving starting today.

And you don't see any experience,
you don't see any skill.

You don't even have
to create your own videos.

You don't need any tax gift to do this.

And the best part about this is that this

is 100 percent free where you don't
have to pay any money to do this.

And this is absolutely worldwide.

It doesn't matter where
you're coming from.

You can do this method
and start making money online.

So make sure to keep watching all the way

until the end, because I show
you three bonus tips, right.

Tips them a one hour show how
to make an actual 100 at the 300.

Those quickly today from YouTube videos.

I'll show you a step by step
tutorial in this video.

And as a bonus, tips them mature.

You can watch me do a real life example
and a full demo so that you can copy

exactly how I do everything before
we go on and try it as a bonus.

It's a trio of shows and special bonus

tactics that I personally use to earn two
types of the tree pumps more money,

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They'll show you everything in this video.

Subscribe to my channel.
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And don't forget to turn on ID

notification batsuit,
a judo missile when I released my brand

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So, again, in this quick video,
I'll show how we can make money online

by just watching YouTube
videos just like this.

And you're going to use this website
ratio, which is shot in a dot com.

You can see the link
on the screen right here.

And this is exactly how all of the people
ratio, they are making big money online.

As you can see here,
six hundred and ninety six dollars.

Ninety dollars right here.

Even five hundred and fifty one dollars.

And a payment is go on and on and on a few
hundred pages on this Web site.

And you can simply use the power

of YouTube videos and you can
make money just like these.

But wait, but you have to use this Web
site, which is Shotton, a dot com.

And again, this is absolutely free.

So real quick, I'm gonna do in life

for you from Ottoway
from the start until the end.

I'm going to create a brand new AKAL
right in front of us can see here.

This is shot than a dot
com commentary's website.

You just have to click on Get Started
and then you're going to come onto this

picture against shot a register,
a newer membership's someone as against me

putting my user name ratio of my email,
my password and just click on this.

I agree to the terms of condition
and click on register.

So as you can see here,
once you click on the register button,

they're going to showed this message
right here at your AKAL has been created.

Please check your email.

EMBOSS a promotions tab
to actually activate your account.

As you can see here,

just seven minutes ago,
I just received this email from the shot

in a dot com and an email
title should be new account.

Those against you.
Hello, Benson.

Tim one.
Thank you for registering as CHATENAY.

Your account is created and then I have

to click on this link right here
to actually activate my account.

So what I want you to do right
now is just click on this link.

What should to activate your account so

you can see here your
car has been activated.

Very important.

Make sure you check your e-mail box
and actually activate your account.

So what I want you to do right now is go

on and click on this dashboard
ratio on the top right hand corner.

You click on Dashboard.

So you can see this is a brand
new account that I just created.

Make sure you follow me.

Step by step is against here.

This is a shot in a back office.

This is my dashboard, my account.

So what I want you to do right
now is to go on to YouTube.

We're going to do two dot com.

And I want you to in a key, which is how
to make Pancasila how to make pancakes.

As you can see here,

you're going to find your so many videos
on YouTube as it gets your homework.


Well over 21 million viewers.

Can you know how to make pancakes?

Fluffy pancake recipe.

Ten million views.

Ten million views.

So I want to show you a real life
example on exactly how to do this.

So I want you to click on this video

and then you can come
under his pictures again.

See here how to make easy pancakes.

All recipes, dot com.

Twenty one million views.

So as you can see here on pub,

this is actually the long as you are
alluding to these YouTube videos.

So what I want you to do is to highlight

this link right here
and just click on copy.

Copy this link.
And then right now,

I want you to come to the shot in a dot
com in so car on the dashboard, consumer.

Click on this new
schutter link right here.

You can actually piece the YouTube.
You are eling, right?

So it's against you.

A piece to add a long link
into this column, right?


This thing is where I got it from this
right here from this YouTube video.

So ratio for a Daumier machine,
you don't change any settings of this.

And for a laser containing something like

this, which is pancake with pancake
and just click on Shotten.

So you can see here,

this is a shot that links that you get
once you click on the shot them button

by using this free tool which is
shot in her nose against you here.

The original link is very long.

This is YouTube dot com.

And once a shot in the lead become much
more shot there and there every single

time when you show this
link to other people.

And when they click on the link, they're
going to go on and watch this video.

And then you're going to get paired
depending on who are watching your video.

See, for example, if people from gridline.

Click on your link and watch your videos.

You're gonna get paid twenty
one dollars and fifty cents.

If Safeway's and but people
from the United States,

they click on the link and it was
a videos, you are gonna earn 12 dollars.

So on it's off of there's so many people
in the world that when they click on your

link, you are going
to make money right now.

This is a brand new opportunity
for you to make money online.

But just watching YouTube videos

and showing this shot
the link to other people.

Now, the next question is, how can
actually show this to other people?

So right now, I want you to go to Google
dot com, and I want you to type

in a keyword, which is
cooking forum, cooking forum.

And I want you to press on search so you

can find many big forums that people are
interested in learning about cooking,

learning about how to cook pancakes,
how to cook spaghetti and so on.

So I can see Triplette
discussed cooking dot com ratio.

This is the first forum and Russia
cooking BI's dot com and this forum.

So let me show real quick
one example of these.

When I click on this link right here.

And right now, you go to commodities.

Patients can see here this
kayce cooking dot com serratia.

There are so many community
posts, so many discussion.

And guess what?
Other people who come onto this forum,

they're interested in learning
about how to cook.

But Fraser Baho, good pancakes.

And this is a shoosh market is a very
shoosh demand from a lot of people's skin.

See here over 21 million views.

And there are so many videos out there.

The over temulum views one million views,
meaning a lot of people are interested

in learning about cooking,
especially how to cook a pancake.

So right now is your opportunity to take
advantage of using this website,

which is shot than a dot com and doing
a five different viral videos on YouTube.

So this is absolutely free.

And you can show this
video to other people.

And the owner of this video,

they're actually going to be happy because
you have the new shedder videos and they

get more views and they're
gonna be happy for that.

And you can repeat the same thing

on different videos like here,
get a longing and a come back shoot

the shot and the link
to a much shot, shorter link.

And they're going to copy distinguish you

and you're going to share
on different forums.

So say them on this form by here,
which is discussed cooking.

Now, if you wanna join us for a very

simple I've got to do, just gonna
click on this, click here to log in.

We click on this button right here,
and then you're gonna come up to this page

where you have to log in,
but you still don't have any Achour.

So you're going to see
here and not a member yet.

Register now for free.

Click on this link right here.

So you can register for free

on the discussed cooking the cooking
forum sort of sanat process.

Very simple.
Just go put in your name,

your breath and your email and you can
just complete the registration process.

So we're sure you can find so many

different forums to exhibit
A cooking based ICOM.

When I click on this thing, you got
to come onto this forum right here.

This is the same thing you can
register for a free account.

Now, as you can see here,

the cooking community of 500
messages over Phifer messages.

And there's so many polysemy discussion

and you're going to get so
many clicks to your link.

A lot of people, they're going to click

on this Shotton links right here and then
they're to go and watch this video, see,

for example, and then you
are going to get paid.

So supposably, people from Canada,

they click on a link to wash
their YouTube videos.

You are gonna get pissed seven dollars.

So if you're lucky, you can
get a lot people from you.

Ask the watch your videos and you're gonna

get paid twelve dollars,
which is a much higher rate.

And again, you can just gonna click

on this register button right here
and you're going to fill in all your

details, the user name, your email,
your password and your location and just

click on show to sign up
for a free account for live.

This video makes you
subscribe to my channel.

Click on the subscribe button.

And also you can check out the two videos
that you can see here on the screen.

Click on one of them and go on the wash
on the next video tutorial.

And I promise you, you can learn so much

and start making a lot
of money online as see you in.