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How to Earn 500$ per Email

I want to ask you one question I want you to comment down below and let me know do you use email before and do not you can actually make a lot of money online by simply using email and I sure hope that up to $500 or even more per email for absolutely free yeah but this strategy alone you can make money just like these $595.67 and again another payment is against your $576 and you can repeat these as much as you want and you might be thinking ...

why should I watch this video why is this so good now number one you don't need any experience to duties and number 2 you don't need any technical skill or any special skill to do this and you don't need anybody to do this because this is absolutely free but you don't have to pay any money to do this and this is available worldwide maybe it doesn't matter where you're coming from you are still able to make money online so very important I want you to keep watching all the way until the end because the show you some bonus 

that they can help to make even more money online is because you're on the screen so make sure you don't miss out on that and make sure you subscribe to both of my YouTube channels go down below and click on the subscribe button right now is to to forget to put on all the notification bell so they don't miss out on my daily updates on both of my YouTube channels so first of all I want you to go to this website right U. S. concede this is the legal could use I want to go to this website I want you to scroll all the way down to the very bottom of this website and you can see here white powders okay the company can see your partner is that what you click on this link right here and once you click on that link could accomplish your proved up had their nice you can see here this is the website used to the reason why I should this method to date that you can make money online using email because these prove program is actually an affiliate program maybe you could see the steps right here now number one once you join the affiliate program you can get your referral link so once you get your referral links .

On step 2 you could begin to show you a link on other social media platform and other different pieces. Now they would put it I want you to keep watching because this is very simple you don't need to have any due to any blow any social media duties and I'll show you a brand new but the to do list and all the steps that even my script in my template and everything in this video make sure you don't miss out the step of a tree you're gonna get rewarded for promoting proof that this is a very very powerful affiliate program that you can earn a lot of commission so right now we're going to see how much money you can actually make by promoting the proof program as you can see here they have different packages right

 when I scrolled these better what you what is good for the left to the right you can notice you're different pricing white on the lower end of this year 500 $99 per month and when I screwed this developer right of these gives you even up to thousands of dollars per month and this is a very powerful affiliate program because you can just show these programs to other business owners to other blocks in our website and when they sign up for a 14 day free trial after the free trial if they decided to buy the package you can't on a per month basis and you could earn 30 percent per month 

say for example if you just promote the lowest package by 500 items per month we go to the online co created with 599 per month now you earn 30 percent commission with 30 percent meeting per month you get rid of 100 $79.70 per month say for example if the people the bodies program for treatments right they're using it for 3 months you can earn up to $500 per user and these income ratio can grow even bigger especially if you're able to promote to higher and bigger packages for example if they keep on using this program and this tool right every single budget or 30 percent so for example if they use for 1 year so even through your site every single month you recurring passive income over and over again so as you can see here how long do the commission last fall right unless otherwise stated the commission will last for the lifetime of the account see for example if you referred this to other people they use these programs for less that 2 jurors so for the entire 2 years for every single month you're still going to get paid the whole day.

 I get paid right at the end of each month the gonna pay you the money you get cash all your money via PayPal or stripe now if your country don't have PayPal account you can use other alternative methods available for non pay PA region a common W. well you coming from and to use PayPal or not because it doesn't matter because you can cash out using PayPal or non pay pal so as you can see here how long do the cookies last 4 that is a very powerful because they have a 90 days cookie meaning that wants to refer these preventative people to click all did you affiliate links and if the eventually done by today if they don't buy Leslie on bait 30 this all day 45 by Sunday between at 90 days if they decided to do to buy these products you are still going to get paid and you get a credit commission because they have a 90 days cookie to speak on to the browsers and did not discuss me sexually clicking on a flat legs at the good credit the commission to you that this is very powerful because of the 90 days.

 cookie period so if this sounds confusing because social everything on these video make sure you keep watching because I promise you this is gonna be so much simpler than what you think the ones who go to these websites could see her you could just click on join now because the join now button and then you gonna come up to these pages gives you a pot there are state okay sign up and join a proof partner program on the pot they're sick now you can use your Google account to sign up or you can use your email just put in your email address thank you and just click on the continue button so once you put in your email you can just put in your first name your last name and your password they just click on I agree to partner steak and just click on join the program so the next thing what I want you to do right now is to go on to Google okay go to Google and I want you to such the queue which is technology block and I wanted to present a search button and read it should be able to see.

 the Donna but also the website about technology these become so powerful that you referred this program to a technology blocks with technology website because they are making a lot of money per month on their website and I'll do a blog so they want to make even more money so they are willing and they have the capacity to actually spend the money and invest into these programs and that's the reason why. 

A lot of that when they finish the 14 days trial a lot of that but eventually signed up on this program you can earn money depending on how much business they're getting per month and you could earn 30 percent commission every single mother on a recurring basis so right over here you can repeat the same bat that all different categories for example cooking boss wife ways of the past blogs Fraserburgh auditing blocks what if somebody from.po system in different categories but I recommend you to go into technology I. T. a computer because does not pose that making a lot more money and they're able to afford this program and they want to make even more money that's why it's very easy for to sell them and refer them to a free trial so we'll be honest you some examples of the blog post offer exam but this is one of the top post right here you can see this is the website so what I want to do is I want to scroll down to the very bottom usually gonna fight an email or contact us so why should this example is very easy for you to get that email addresses guests here this is the email you can basically just going to send them an email and that's it I stand duty interested about this free trial on the program 

so you can see I want to even give you the proven out rescript that's working so well right now you can just copy and paste exactly what I do now you can send them an email with the subject line important message about triple so you can change these 2 whatever website for example if I'm sending this email to his website I'm just gonna copy the name of the website and I just gonna insert your and the reason why you would use these headlines because the oddball attention grabbing with this CD a website when they see you put a message they are more likely to get opened the email now was the open the email your body you got type something like this okay hi this is your name right here and I have visited your website earlier and it looks amazing are you in the present earlier and then you would say I'm not sure if you're open to a new feature that will help you to get more customer sales and conversion but you wanna get them curious and you wanna talk about the benefits of this program so right now this is something that is I'm currently running a social media marketing agency where I. S.. 

businesses to build their brand and conversion over 15000 other businesses are using this tool to scale their business rapidly are you gonna give them some experience as a background and then you see something like this if you are interested I can send you over the details and possibly a 14 days free trial here very playful include the free trials because they literally no reason for them to try on the free trial so if they eventually interest that you know about purchasing these true after the free trial they can eventually buy this one and you can earn commissions they are very powerful .

so let me know if you have any questions have an amazing day now this group who's working so well because he looks so professional you're helping them and you're literally just offering a free trial and they will upgrade if they are interested in the end of the trial this very very powerful and you can repeat this on a lot of different bot posted on different categories so real quick on a show another website right and not a technology blog as an example because sometimes that you screwed up a little you might not be able to find the email and website right away but sometimes you see contact so sometimes I see something that is white contact my company in full contact we click on this contact link right here and then you go to commodities pages gets here sometimes the lead but he did that you can find a contact form so for example right here you can find when I scroll down below you should be able to see these this is the billing address of the telephone numbers but they do show that email so what you can do is that it's gonna see your advertising legion services or content licensing information please use this contact form as you can see here contact us so right now what you wanna do is going to click on this contact form right sure and then you go to commodities pitches against your you could just put in your contact is about sales rep also use and you can just put in your first name your last name again this is optional you don't have to put in that you could just put in your email and read over should a subject I should we just now and so the message is the body of the email you can lead to just copy right this is a subject headline and this is the message it is the body of the email this is very powerful and you can get these under the first,ndant of video the. 

What did you enjoy this so if you appreciate what I do make sure to hit the like button thanks a lot and you can do to repeat is on a lot of different Dawson look different websites and can just send them your affiliate links and then when they bite you could earn 30 percent commission every single month