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How to earn 10$ per Minute for Free Worldwide

In this quick post I want to tell you a brand new bed that on how to get paid we did the first 2004 hours yes your first 2004 hours and you can receive money just like these handle this over and over and over again as a complete beginner and you might be asking why is this so good right well you should do to well you should watch this video first of all you don't need any skill to duty so you don't need any experience and you don't need any money at all because this is absolutely free

 we don't have the pay any money to do these and of course this is working well why it doesn't matter where you're coming from you because you make money online so here's the next question right how much can you actually earn from watching these video in a first off on day one you could earn up to $300 by using this strategy and all day 7 after one week you could earn about 300 up to $700 and on day 30 days is earning a 1000 

first off we are going to be using this website which you as you can see how we can create building logos in just seconds right this is very simple not sure exactly how to do this and can create and design a beautiful logo just like these very very professional and you can sell them for $10 over and over again show you better find a buyers and again you don't need any money you don't experience it daily and a skill to do so so everything in this video the reason why I understood these websites because you don't need any excuse to just a few clicks you can create a very beautiful logos as to a real live demo in a moment make sure keep watching and you guessed it a bunch of time you can create a very beautiful 

just about a few seconds and you could charge people for Pendle even up to $20 per logo and you have hundreds and hundreds of pamphlets that you could choose from and there are so many people who are loving these free logo design website ratio which is has who does so first off when you come on to this website what to click on the get started button so what you. 

You can see choose your business based these help is to create better design a right okay he does so many different categories as you can see your fashion health and beauty home and garden food and drinks why so many categories so right now which one should you choose which one will pay you the most amount of money so she is the first bonus tip that I give you is I want you to focus on pack we focus on technology because that's gonna make you the most amount of money the first off once you click on the tech industry you gonna going to click on the next button on the bottom now the second step is you have to choose your visual style no rush to give find a stop and the sun's rays of the consultation 80 Alli good energetic friendly and so on so on this that I can actually choose up to a maximum of 3 V. 

Joe Stalin as you can see your just number one book number 2 classic and number 3 energetic that was a select 3 of them I'm just gonna click on the next button once again right now step number treat you but make sure to keep what you because this is very important customer treat at your business name and you can change the information after your design have been created now you can of course change these later but right now I could just type in your business name that would give you a real quick example my business is bad said T.

 now the slogan is half an amazing day so right after I put in my information I'm just gonna click on the next button right again those that know for very very important right tell is that the logo will be used so again right you can choose on multiple options now I want to choose on online store or website and also social media because most of the buys the most of the people out there the are gonna buy logo's for the usage on social media and also on their website now make sure to keep watching all the way until the end because showed you where exactly that you can sell to local and you can get P. 

10 to $20 over and over again with no prior experience now once you select on the categories right you can just click on the next button thank you can see here we've made these logos for you how you could choose what is that anything that you can pick a different local anytime as you can see here with just a few clicks of a button I. 

design a very pretty and very professional local as you can see your brands and he is my business name which I put in just now as a half an amazing date is my slogan so you can use these powerful tool which is hatch food does Shopify and it increased funding logos that people really want to buy from you so right now issue one example on this video and I teach you how you can download them for free and how to create a free will white a cow so say for example if I let these local ram a just gonna click on these local right sure so when I was gonna see my business name is presentation you can change that anytime you want to separate them but found a change my business name to subscribe okay stuff with my YouTube channel and Russia again I could change my slogan right your east do you stay happy right the happy right she has against you have I can easily at the at my local you can do this on your phone you can do this on your computer not infect common W. 

and let me know if you're watching this video on your phone or on your computer so what she wants to finish changing your name you can click on the phone right we could afford you can actually select different font type as you can see here that you can change the profound type for this logo now you can click on this for example as you can see who it these phone type is change I can change that to another phone tied once again with just a few clicks of a button the rest on the call this weapon it could all colors because you change the colors of the logo because some people might ask you to change to red colors to blue colors David using this free tool can actually be very flexible that you can find a so many colleges consider Adiga minimal more devices so many different color types that you can choose from with just one click of a button so say for example I'm satisfied with the design of the local branch I think that this is very pretty as you can see a subscribe to my channel and I just click on the next button right here that's because your congratulations on your new locals now you can download your free logos right now including all your local packages so why should we could even see some of the designs and preview all of these local when they go on to the website and of course you can screenshot this and show them to your customers into a client of. 

Show you where to sell the local in a moment but Russia this too is very very powerful are gonna do just gonna click on these purple button right down to your local so right now you could create a free account which gets you you can download your file get W. local you can save multiple logo's what does not only mean and you can do anything any time you want to change the name change the color change the phone the right should create an account to see if your local and downloaded the sunny fall for free right absolutely free you don't have to pay any money to do this so right you're just putting your email address and aposs with a just click on sign up it's simple as that so the next thing that I want to do right now is to go on to okay go to so once you go onto the steps as you can see here tweeted.

com you can actually sign up for a free account are you gonna do just going to put in your email or your username and your password I just click on sign up is a very very simple process but make sure you check your email in box to activate your account so once you log into your Twitter account over the left right you can see there's an explorer to explore but I want you to click on this button so what you can actually search on Twitter and I want to take a cue it which is I need local I. 

need logo and I want you to press on the search button so you can see there's so many people were putting up tweets India posting is against your disco right here I need somebody to make me a logo and a website I think this is another guy I need a logo Russia phantom K. L.

 I need to buy a new local and please penalize gives you people literally wanting to buy a local I need a logo please help me I need the help of the local I need a better and the the local right all of these people do not target people meeting to actually want to buy logos right they have the money to them and they're ready to buy from you that's what it is you want to click on this for you if you click on this button and you can actually reply to them by you and you could pop is something that is okay I had a pretty decent logo design for you. 

Wish you will be satisfy we could have something like this and you know what that to reply to you and you can show them a preview of the demo of the logo that you just download again you don't need any money to do this this is absolutely free by using the method which I should just tell you can download for free a lot of very beautiful logos that you can't change it at the with just a few clicks of a button you don't need any text you the experience to do this and again this is absolutely free now can you can get as much as low as you want on the website and you can find so many customers so many potential people all Peter as you can see where this goes up looked at tons and tons of people at the wanting to get a logo and you can sell it for $10 

after that you can slowly increase the price of maybe $15 or even $20 so right over here this is another second website where you can sell the local service where you can go on to is against your now when you click on browse job right you could go on to this page right here we have 5 different jobs that you can do what I say for example logo design a logo design and you get a price on the search button that you can see here I think it's just a logo design $21 this one I need a logo designer $398 these are here $600 so I hit $20 nobody's I I need a logo designed $30 and of course when you're selling for $10 they could be so many people so many customers while wanting to buy from you because you're selling for so cheap but because we're just getting started this is gonna be the best way to do it is you want to sell for a low price starting from $10 and you can slowly increase the prize once you're getting more reviews and of course get going to just click on the sign up button on the top right hand corner and you could use a Facebook to create a free account or you could just put in your email address to pass within just click on these joint freelances and right you can find hundreds and hundreds of jobs that you can join and can sell logos over and over again by just using these free logo design which is hatch who does and of course don't forget to tweet a strategy which I should just now we can find a lot of potential customers. 

Who are willing to buy logos and they're ready to pay you the money so it is going to be featured in my next video make sure to subscribe to my channel so they can get updated daily and like the view and should he sell to more people and leave me a best comment down below I read all of them I took a screenshot if you are selected so if you enjoyed watching the video don't forget to like this video and subscribe to my channel and so as you can see her on the screen now if you want an even better way to make money online check out one of these video right now on the screen click on them right now because the show you another way to make money online and I see you on the inside.